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As information management experts we understand the need for trusted data - you need to know that your data is accurate, reliable and accessible. Technology is an enabler but you need the right behaviours and processes to really make technology deliver for you and that's where we help.

SPI and Smartsheet have partnered to offer enhanced business intelligence for our customers, SPI has over £30bn of capital project delivery experience and Smartsheet has over 10 million users across 190+ countries, you're in safe hands when it comes to managing and leveraging your data.

We help Enterprises with Smartsheet licencing, training, launching and custom solutions.

Accelerators boost your productivity fast - We've created a range of industry compliant configurations to speed up deployment helping you to manage risk, raise productivity and improve safety, fast!

Specialist Accelerators

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  • Railway Engineering Management System
  • Highways Construction Management System
  • Safety Management System
  • Construction Management System
  • Project Controls Automation
  • Maintenance Management System
  • Project Management System

Each of our accelerators is fully configurable to suit your exact needs, we also create custom solutions to meet your specific business requirements.


  • Electronic Forms
  • Linked data sheets
  • Real-time Dashboards
  • Dynamic Reporting
  • Mobile App
  • Automated workflows
  • Custom notifications
  • Executive View
  • Resource Capacity


Industry configurations ready to deploy:

Smartsheet features that we leverage:

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How we can help you


We can help you get started by capturing your business requirements and existing processes and creating an optimised Smartsheet build ready for you to roll out to your teams.


If you'd like to make your own journey we can provide you with licences - the unique way Smartsheet works means you can have unlimited free collaborators from the outset.


Smartsheet is easy to learn but what's often overlooked is how to engage and support workers during the transition to a new way of working. We provide engaging training and engagement that users can put in to practice straight away to help them get the most from Smartsheet.


Whether you're new to Smartsheet or are a seasoned user looking to expand your requirements we can help. We understand how to capture and enhance business processes and can implement your requirements to deliver benefits fast!


Highways England sought daily progress reports from their supply chain, Smartsheet was used to collect progress data on site directly by supervisors, this was updated in real-time so managers to review planned versus actual progress for the shift. Dashboards and roll-up reports were automatically produced for review on mobile devices for the management team.


Network Rail, the UK's rail network operator has stringent management and reporting requirements, SPI created a management system that easily captures and reports on several key data sets. Project leaders no longer have to wait until period end for reports, they can take the project pulse as often as they like as the whole system updates every 60 seconds. Reports and Dashboards are based on quality controlled data and doubling handling has been eradicated.

Smartsheet is used for real-time management of Safety Close Calls, Fatigue Monitoring, Technical Queries, Design Management, Risk Management and more. Departments using Smartsheet to manage their data and link their Scheduling and Document Management systems include:

  • Engineering inc Design, Systems Integration, Competency and Assurance
  • Construction
  • Principal Contractor
  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Environmental
  • Commercial
  • Project Controls

Smartsheet is being used to help deliver over £1bn of capital projects on time and on budget.

Smartsheet Case Studies

Smartsheet is used across the world to improve insight and productivity, companies use it not just for engineering and construction management but also:

  • Project Management
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Product Development
  • HR
  • IT
  • Operations
  • Procurement

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At Heathrow Airport Smartsheet is being used to track work packages across the site - SPI have created two unique solutions to help raise productivity and visibility of capital project works.

Our first solution helped package managers gain insight in to design and construction progress and helped senior leaders to gain insight in to progress and utilisation across dozens of work packages - Operational in less than 3 weeks the solution delivered a 100% ROI within 3 months.

The second solution was cutting edge, connecting Smartsheet with Unreal Engine to create a 4D simulation tool helping stakeholders to understand the work areas in a real-time dynamic environment and to visualise the impact of schedule changes ensuring a seamless passenger experience.

SPI Case Studies

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