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Having software that works that enhances the way you work can revolutionise businesses. By giving your teams the ability to plan, capture, track, automate and report on work easily creates an efficient, happier and more productive workforce

Freedom to innovate

The way we work is changing. More people are working remotely, which means that information is spread even further and more and more data silos are created. This is where information is held by one person or department that is not easily or fully accessible by the rest of the organisation. These silos often create duplicated work and more valuable time and money is needed to replicate the information so it can be used elsewhere.

These silos don’t only create more workload, but they also create multiple versions of similar data with no indication as to which is the latest or most accurate version, meaning that decisions are based on outdated information and can be damaging rather than impactful.

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Collaborate and streamline

By unifying collaboration, streamlining workflows and managing content correctly, organisations can remove data silos and access real-time, single source of truth data whenever they need, and Smartsheet does just that.

This award winning platform is designed to make working more dynamic. By creating a centralised data hub, information can be utilised by all and you can empower your teams to share new ideas, work together and evolve with ease.

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What can Smartsheet be used for?


Lead Management
Sales Enablement
Pipeline Management
Contract Management


Software Migration Planning
Help Desk
IT Ticketing
Managing Development


Schedule Deliveries
Track Invoices
Sales Operations
Vendor Requests


Manage Brand Launches
Investor Relations Tracking
Event Planning
Website Management


Feature Development
Bug Tracking
Case Management


Patent App Processing
Case Management
Client Onboarding
Due Deligence Review

Project Management

Product Initiation
Comissions Calculation
M&A Integration


Travel Scheduling
Meeting Scheduling

Human Resources

Employee Onboarding
Off-boarding Process
Talent Acquistion
Benefit Tracking


Audit Preparation
Purchase Order Management
Expense Approvals
Budget Approvals

Customer Service

Issue Escalation
Assign Tickets
Schedule Employees
Returns Processing

Industry Verticals

Claims Adjusting
Clinical Trial Tracking
Parts Ordering
Contractor Scheduling
Property Management

How can we help?

As a customer turned partner, we have first hand experience of the capabilities of Smartsheet. Scaleable, adaptable and ituative, this software can be used by businesses of all sizes across every industry. This no-code, cloud based platform integrates seamlessly into your existing systems and can be configured to create bespoke solutions to fit your requirements.

Whether you’re new to Smartsheet or an existing user, we can help you get the most out of the platform and make your businesses more efficient, more compliant, and release otherwise wasted time.

We have become experts in configuring and customising Smartsheet. By using this system as a base we have been able to create solutions that give our clients increased visibility, confidence in their data and improved collaboration.

Commmand Centre

Acting as your digital control room, our Command Centre solution is built upon Smartsheet. We work with you to aggregate all your business processes into one environment and give you real-time insight into the health of your project or organisation across every level

Digital management systems

Our management systems are designed to enable you to track your key objectives across all departments and projects with ease. By grouping together several business processes and creating a tailored solution we can help you effortlessly manage your processes, connect your data and automate your reporting

Business process implementation

Efficient, robust processes are essential to the success of any organisation. By reviewing your existing processes, creating new ones and introducing process automation we can help you unlock productivity, mitigate risk and make considerable cost savings

Smartsheet Services

As a Platinum partner we can organise your Smartsheet licences and training, but we specialise in helping our clients fully utilise the features of the system to improve efficiency and compliance and mitigate risk.

Launch pad

We give you the tools you need to stay in control. We help get you set up by importing and integrating your existing data and creating reports and dashboards to suit your requirements and help you understand how to benefit from the features of this revolutionary software

Full managed

We handle everything. Firstly we understand your requirements and configure the system accordingly and show you how to utilise the platform. We then also take responsibility for user engagement to bring everyone on board, ensure change control is adhered to and are on hand for any technical support you may need

Licenses & training

If you’re looking to learn more about the system or completely manage this yourself, we can provide you with licences and give you the necessary training so you can get started on Smartsheet
  • Using SPi’s state-of-the-art technology we can spot clashes before they happen, making the project safer and more efficient. This delivers benefits for passengers, taxpayers and our orange army
    Project Manager, Liverpool Limestreet remodelling - Network Rail
  • SPi’s virtual reality signal sighting ensured fast and fluid real time positioning allowing many options to be viewed, saving our committee significant time and site visit costs
    Midland Main Line Project - Network Rail
  • SPi delivered high quality service, keeping in communication with our requirements throughout, and going beyond the call of duty when needed
    Signalling Engineer - Mott MacDonald
  • The ability to streamline the exchange of information and automate reporting has improved my relationship with our contractors which in turn has reduced admin and uncertainty
    Project Manager – Network Rail