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Integrate, automate and organise your project and corporate data

Smartsheet is a world class SaaS solution for collaborative work management. With the right processes and configuration it can help you to improve outcomes by collecting, organising, automating and integrating your data.

SPI is a customer turned partner, after using Smartsheet to improve our own business processes and reduce our administrative overhead for 5 years, we decided to share our expertise with customers to help you to realise the same benefits. In 2019 we formalised our relationship with Smartsheet to become a Certified Solutions Partner, and following the hugely successful launch of our Command Centre solution for Project Managers we’ve now become a Platinum Smartsheet Partner.

Smartsheet’s impressive stats:

What we have contributed to:

Months recovered off delivery programmes

Over £30bn projects supported

Average 20% improvement in productivity

Over £50m saved in engineering & construction  

190+ Countries

20 Million users

75%+ Fortune 500

83,000+ Brands

Being a platinum partner of Smartsheet means we are experts in maximising the benefits of the platform from engagement and deployment to adoption and utilisation.

Software is a great enabler but as you already know, it needs to be properly configured and communicated with end users, so that’s where we come in!

We have huge experience in deploying enabling technology across teams large and small, both remotely and on-premise. You don’t have to compromise and change your processes as we create solutions that work for you, meeting your exact needs whilst also complying with your corporate requirements.  

We know that change is disruptive so we developed methodologies that are easy to implement whilst saving you time and money in record time.

Through the experience we gained in delivering some of the most complex capital projects in the UK, we’ve developed a methodology which focuses on not only the enabling technology but lean process and the right behaviours to help you implement a highly efficient project performance measurement solution which suits the needs of your organisation.

Our flagship Command Centre digital control room solution leverages the power Smartsheet and is perfect for leaders who are looking for trusted insight into costs, programmes and risk to avoid overruns and increase productivity. Let us help you take control of your data and give you access to trusted, linked and real-time information and dashboards to ensure you’re reaching your KPI’s and optimising your delivery.

Unlock thousands of hours of productivity, reduce admin and increase value-added tasks with Command Centre.

How can SPI can help you?

Levels of support


Includes a licence pack, access to the platform and online tutorials.

Launch Pad

Leverage our experience to import and integrate your existing data, and create reports and dashboards that you can manage yourselves.


Ready built modules available for your industry, accelerating deployment from just one day.

Fully Managed Service

Let us handle everything including complete system configuration, user engagement, change control, and technical support.

Custom Consulting

Leverage our expertise to solve your information management challenges


Highways England sought daily progress reports from their supply chain, Smartsheet was used to collect progress data on site directly by supervisors, this was updated in real-time so managers to review planned versus actual progress for the shift. Dashboards and roll-up reports were automatically produced for review on mobile devices for the management team.


Network Rail, the UK's rail network operator has stringent management and reporting requirements, SPI created a management system that easily captures and reports on several key data sets. Project leaders no longer have to wait until period end for reports, they can take the project pulse as often as they like as the whole system updates every 60 seconds. Reports and Dashboards are based on quality controlled data and doubling handling has been eradicated.

Smartsheet is used for real-time management of Safety Close Calls, Fatigue Monitoring, Technical Queries, Design Management, Risk Management and more. Departments using Smartsheet to manage their data and link their Scheduling and Document Management systems include:

  • Engineering inc Design, Systems Integration, Competency and Assurance
  • Construction
  • Principal Contractor
  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Environmental
  • Commercial
  • Project Controls

Smartsheet is being used to help deliver over £1bn of capital projects on time and on budget.

Smartsheet Case Studies

Smartsheet is used across the world to improve insight and productivity, companies use it not just for engineering and construction management but also:

  • Project Management
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Product Development
  • HR
  • IT
  • Operations
  • Procurement

Find out more here: www.smartsheet.com/customers


At Heathrow Airport, Smartsheet is being used to track work packages across the site - SPI have created two unique solutions to help raise productivity and visibility of capital project works.

Our first solution helped package managers gain insight in to design and construction progress and helped senior leaders to gain insight in to progress and utilisation across dozens of work packages - Operational in less than 3 weeks the solution delivered a 100% ROI within 3 months.

The second solution was cutting edge, connecting Smartsheet with Unreal Engine to create a 4D simulation tool helping stakeholders to understand the work areas in a real-time dynamic environment and to visualise the impact of schedule changes ensuring a seamless passenger experience.

SPI Case Studies

What our clients say

"We knew that we needed to achieve a single source of truth and SPI understood our need for trusted data. Their Command Centre solution offered us an information management system with seemless integration with our existing business processes whilst incorporating a comprehensive suite of trackers, registers, forms, real-time reports and live dashboards."

BAM Nuttall LTD Digital Construction Lead
Bianca Millar

"The ability to streamline the exchange of information and automate reporting has improved my relationship with our contractors which in turn has reduced admin and uncertainty. SPI has helped us cut waste from our processes which has benefitted all parties working on the project."

Network Rail Programme Director
Adam Jones

"As a Health and Safety Leader for over 25 years I’ve never seen a system that was so easy to implement and use..... Command Centre SMS has transformed safety management on King’s Cross Remodelling, the simplicity of data collection, analysing and reporting has enabled me to have a far more focused and informed understanding of “where we are” and “what we need to do” to improve..."

Network Rail Health and Safety Lead at Kings Cross
Karl Spooner

Our dedicated Smartsheet Relationship Manager, Leah Mackay, is available to answer your questions or help you get started:



Email Leah