We know that running an organisation can be challenging, at every level. Data is siloed, departments don’t always communicate as well as they could, there is an abundance of lengthy tasks and reports are quickly out of date and only give limited visibility.

We work with organisations to help them become more productive, eliminate excessive admin and have centralised, trustworthy data which enables them to see the true health of their organisation and make informed decisions.

Business meeting with people on video call on a screen
Different size blue and grey cogs stuck to a wallDifferent size blue and grey cogs stuck to a wall

Process Development, Alignment & Automation

With multiple departments all working in different ways, it can be challenging to keep everyone focused towards the same goal. This can lead to frustration, difficulty extracting information and lengthy reporting. By reviewing existing processes and aligning them with the organisational targets, you can ease tension and improve cross departmental collaboration through easily implemented adjustments

Digital icons representing different systems overlaid on an image of a person clicking on a laptopDigital icons representing different systems overlaid on an image of a person clicking on a laptop

Systems Integration & Configuration

When connected properly, business systems can increase productivity, give more visibility and remove silos, however when they don’t it can be painful to do even the simplest of tasks. We can help by configuring your existing systems to behave accordingly and ensure that all your systems communicate and give you exactly what you need, when you need it

Woman brainstorming her strategy on a glass windowWoman brainstorming her strategy on a glass window

Information Management Strategies

Information is used, and produced by every department in a multitude of different ways. When local versions are updated rather than shared ones, work is often repeated to obtain the same information, even though it exists elsewhere, because not everybody knows about it. By creating a robust information management strategy, you can remove data silos and ensure that your data is centralised, trustworthy and accessible to all

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Business Process Automation

Businesses often have many manual, repetitive, lengthy admin tasks that take hours if not days to complete - time that could be spent better elsewhere, especially for those in more strategic roles. Process automation eliminates that wasted time, reduces the risk of human error and gives staff back valuable hours that can be spent adding value to the organisation

Stacks of project paper bound by bulldog clips on a deskStacks of project paper bound by bulldog clips on a desk

Project & Portfolio Management

We know that projects come with their own challenges. Not only do you have to deliver your project on time and within budget, you have to ensure you remain compliant, keep people safe and keep your stakeholders informed. Through our range of project management solutions, we can help you manage your project, take on the responsibility of engineering assurance, increase productivity and mitigate risk

  • Using SPi’s state-of-the-art technology we can spot clashes before they happen, making the project safer and more efficient. This delivers benefits for passengers, taxpayers and our orange army
    Project Manager, Liverpool Limestreet remodelling - Network Rail
  • SPi’s virtual reality signal sighting ensured fast and fluid real time positioning allowing many options to be viewed, saving our committee significant time and site visit costs
    Midland Main Line Project - Network Rail
  • SPi delivered high quality service, keeping in communication with our requirements throughout, and going beyond the call of duty when needed
    Signalling Engineer - Mott MacDonald
  • The ability to streamline the exchange of information and automate reporting has improved my relationship with our contractors which in turn has reduced admin and uncertainty
    Project Manager – Network Rail