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Specialist Project Integration, October 22 2020


SPI saves Network Rail 1,600 hours a month on high-profile £250m King's Cross remodelling project

Specialist Project Integration (SPI) has been announced as Smartsheet's UK Channel Platinum Partner to deliver customers an integrated solution that enables informed decision making resulting in improved business processes.

As a customer turned partner, the partnership is rooted in SPI’s deep understanding of using Smartsheet, the enterprise platform for dynamic work, to reduce administrative tasks, unlock productivity, and improve business outcomes. Specialising in the construction and infrastructure sector, current and future SPI customers can tap into a more efficient, productive way to integrate, automate and organise their project and corporate data to mitigate risk and drive successful outcomes.

"SPI’s expertise as a former customer is invaluable; they provide an unmatched level of understanding into the benefits and efficiencies that can be achieved with Smartsheet," said Mike Arntz, Chief Revenue Officer at Smartsheet. "Through this partnership, companies of all sizes can implement a powerful solution that provides the visibility, flexibility, and scalability to increase the number of projects they can take on and execute."

"Partnering with Smartsheet was an easy decision for our organisation due to the success we’ve seen first hand," said Simon Wray, Managing Director at SPI. "Smartsheet’s capabilities have saved our clients hundreds of hours a week by eliminating the wasted time and effort of managing hundreds of trackers and by unlocking productivity through automation and the integration of disparate systems to create a single source of truth." 

Network Rail turned to SPI for their expertise in design management on it’s  £250 million King’s Cross remodelling project. King’s Cross railway station is one of the busiest stations in the United Kingdom, serving close to 40 million passengers each year but was in need of some major renewal and remodelling work. By adopting SPIs methodologies with the Smartsheet platform, connecting over 100 trackers across their engineering team, Network Rail was able to create a comprehensive platform that enabled new digital processes, automated data workflows and real-time dashboards that display trusted progress reports, saving over 1600 hour per month. 

As part of the integrated solution, SPI devised a project-wide Safety Management System (SMS) in just three weeks, enabling safety-related incidents to be raised without the need for software, inductions to be moved to an online booking system and snagging recorded using the Smartsheet mobile app. 

"The ability to streamline the exchange of information and automate reporting through Smartsheet has improved my relationship with our contractors which in turn has reduced admin and uncertainty," said Adam Jones, Programme Manager at Network Rail. "SPI has helped us cut waste from our processes which has benefitted all parties working on the project."

Learn more about how SPI can use Smartsheet's capabilities to integrate, automate and organise your project and corporate data  here.

About Specialist Project Integration (SPI) 

SPI unlocks productivity, drives innovation and mitigates risks through our core capabilities: Project Controls, Design Management and BIM. Our digital solutions enable project transparency from the front line right through to the boardroom - helping thousands of customers to think smart and work smarter. Visit www.thinkspi.com to learn more. 

About Smartsheet

Smartsheet is the enterprise platform for dynamic work. By aligning people and technology so organisations can move faster and drive innovation, Smartsheet enables its millions of users to achieve more. Visit www.smartsheet.com to learn more.

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Specialist Project Integration


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