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Abbie McEvaddy, September 22 2020

How to raise productivity whilst working remotely

Remote working has forced managers to adapt business processes to maintain productivity. Collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Teams have been essential to enable remote meetings during the crisis. However, businesses are now discovering that trying to run projects on spreadsheets and communicating through email isn’t efficient enough to maintain productivity, confidence and the work-life balance.

Specialist Project Integration launched their Command Centre digital control room to provide a simple and complete solution to information management and project performance measurement. Command Centre leverages the power of Smartsheet to enable workers to plan, manage, automate and report on progress. During lock down they have helped multiple companies to improve productivity when working remotely. 

When working as the LDO on the King's Cross Remodeling project, SPI had already deployed Command Centre to deliver a digital control room to replace hundreds of disparate trackers. When the call came in to work from home they were already equipped as SPI enabled the entire project engineering team, contractors and designers to continue working without disruption. 

Beyond King’s Cross, SPI’s Command Centre solution is now helping project leaders to gain a complete overview of tasks, deadlines and status of projects via web browsers and mobile devices. One of Europe's largest construction companies BAM Nuttall have implemented Command Centre to provide them with visibility of data to support informed decision making across the entire team - over 500 sheets and 260+ users. BAM Nuttall’s Digital Construction Lead said:

“We have utilised Command Centre to manage our business unit as a whole and have seen enhancements to our working culture and a positive change to staff mindsets and the way they work. With the automation, reporting, and dashboard functionalities, the platform has enabled us to stay informed at all times.”

Since the beginning of lock down, over 1000 users have been added to the platform with 92% confirming that Smartsheet has made their life easier by reducing the amount of admin and number of Teams calls they need to attend.   

SPI run regular demonstrations and webinars available to all departments across businesses to see the benefits first hand, for more information please contact Abbie McEvaddy on 07808557973 or abbie.mcevaddy@thinkspi.co.uk

Written by

Abbie McEvaddy